Tips for playing golf in Winter!

With the weather getting colder, here are 9 tips on how to make sure you get the most out of your game of golf this winter!

1. Keep playing – even when the weather is cold, get up and get out, you will enjoy it once you are out there and you will be able to improve your skills in trying conditions.
2. Dress right – with the right clothing on you will be far more comfortable out on the greens in the colder weather. Waterproof, warm gloves are a must have, as well as warm thermal socks to keep your feet warm. Ensure you have a good base layer of clothing on, this way you will not need to add too many layers on top!
3. Have the right equipment – Add loft to your driver, this will help in soft, wet, boggy ground. Get a good quality umbrella that will help keep you and your equipment dry. High visibility balls are also a lot easier to spot in colder, wetter weather!
4. Keep your balls warm – Your golf ball loses 2m for every 10 degree drop in temperature! To help combat this keep them in your pockets as much as possible, and on extremely cold days use a hand warmer for good measure.
5. Visit the driving range – practice your skills at the driving range, this is a perfect chance to improve your abilities and better your game!
6. Get lessons – take this cooler time to hone in on your skills and improve your game before getting back out onto the course with friends.
7. Use a golf simulator – for those very cold winter days, use a golf simulator!
8. Buy a net – this way you can still practice outside at your own home for those when you just cannot get down to the course
9. Read and watch – it’s amazing how much you can learn online! Watch past tournaments, or even how-to-videos on YouTube, they will all help you improve your game!

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