Struggling with fairway bunkers?

Advice from Loots Golf and Tours on how to handle fairway bunkers

Fairway bunkers – you need to catch the ball first to make it go the desired distance.

You don’t want to break the surface of the sand too much with your feet, because this will make you lower and it will promote you to strike the sand first.

Get a narrow stance with your feet and grip the club slightly shorter. This will give you the best chance to strike the ball clean as it will get the outline of the swing circle higher.

By moving the ball forward in your stance will give you a shallower angle of attack which will make it easier to pick the ball clean.

A balanced finished is a good swing thought as any vertical movement will make is difficult to get a consistent strike and to keep the balance.

A side note on fairway bunkers: You have to first look at the height of the bunker lip and then the distance before choosing a club.
The biggest mistake you can do is not choosing enough loft and hit it into the bunkers’ lip, giving you an even tougher shot on your next.

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