Pre round tips from Loots Golf and Tours!

How many of you arrive at the club and the first thing you do is rush to the range to hit a few balls? And then you practice the speed of the greens after the range before you start on the first tee?

It’s a fault to go to range first, this is because you cool down after the range when you putt. You want to Start with a relaxed routine like putting from 2 feet away to get used to seeing the ball go into the hole to get your confidence level up.

Then get to 3 meters trying to feel the speed of the greens and try and hole it with dead pace. Then go just off the green, chipping a few shots with an 8 iron or wedge getting used to the speed and roll out of the greens.

After a few chip shots move further from the green and start working with your sandwedge, getting used to the speed of the swing that is needed to pop the ball in the air and also feeling the turf club interaction.

Only then move onto the driving range starting with a short to mid Iron making full swings. Make sure to finish with the club you will be using on the first tee and hit the shot you want to play on the tee.

Move your way over to the tee box and do exactly what you just did with your previous shot.

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