Panthera Africa Big Cat Sanctuary Enrichment Visits

Join the team at Panthera Africa Big Cat Sanctuary for a 2hr excursion of play and excitement. During this time you will work with a Panthera Africa animal keeper to create small enrichment items, which will be given to the big cats.

Watch the cats run, jump and play as your handmade toys bring joy and fun to their lives. You will also get to see the implementation of a bigger enrichment that was lovingly made by their volunteers and staff members.

Learn about the different types of enrichment, why you make them, and why it is so beneficial for captive big cats. Listen in awes as your passionate host takes you around the big cat enclosures and tells you their interesting and inspiring stories. Every Enrichment Visit is different, so you never know what you are going to see!

Panthera Africa offers you the opportunity to experience parts of their enrichment program where you can see both big and smaller cats in action, and be able to capture these unforgettable active moments on camera.

Enrichment visits – Pre-booking is ESSENTIAL

• Time – Fridays at 9am – must be booked 5 days in advance
• Please arrive 15min prior to your visit as they start on the hour
• Minimum of 5 people, maximum of 15 people
• Duration 2hrs
• Price – R750 per person. Only for people 16 years and older
• Bring your camera, wear comfortable shoes for your walking experience and a jacket for cold or windy weather
• No photos or videos taken at Panthera Africa Big Cat Sanctuary are allowed to be used for commercial usage without written permission from Panthera Africa Management. Panthera Africa NPC has copyright of any photos taken at Panthera Africa Big Cat Sanctuary, and can be used as they see fit.

Can’t make it on a Friday? They can arrange an enrichment visit for you and your loved ones on another day. Please book 5 days in advance. Subject to availability.

Book your big cat enrichment experience here

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