The Arabella Homeowners’ Community Trust

Contributing to local communities

The Arabella Homeowners’  Community Trust was established in 2021 by the homeowners of Arabella Country Estate. The aim of the Trust is to enable support to residents of socially disadvantaged communities in Botriver and Kleinmond. Upliftment and empowerment forms a key principle of the Trust. The Trust does not receive any government funding. Funding is dependent on the generosity of homeowners on the estate. 

Trustees are all homeowners on Arabella Estate who have volunteered their time and skills and, in many projects, also the funding of projects. 

Since its establishment, the Trust has held meetings each month, with regular updates provided to the HOA Board. Governance arrangements are in place. Newsletters have been circulated to Arabella homeowners on a quarterly basis. 

A number of criteria were agreed for Trust activities. Key criteria include striking a balance between meeting basic needs for food and shelter and supporting interventions aimed at empowering community residents and enhancing educational and related services. Accountability is another key element while availability of funding determines the extent to which we can plan and maintain support for agreed actions. Using these agreed criteria, and following consultations with key stakeholders in Botrivier and Kleinmond around priority needs facing these communities, it became evident that addressing food insecurity was a key area in which the Trust could make a meaningful impact. Other identified priorities included establishment of a vegetable garden that would serve as a skills/ training opportunity, addressing preschool learning needs and assisting residents in navigating barriers preventing them from accessing employment or access to government grants.

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