Growing and Caring for Your Fynbos

Fynbos…our pride and joy!

From the daintiest Erica to our majestic national flower, the Protea, we all want to add these indigenous beauties to our gardens. The only problem is most passionate gardeners literally love them to death! Growing fynbos with success requires a certain measure of restraint – call it tough love – and by following a few basic guidelines they can be grown with success and a great deal of pleasure.

Fynbos is one of only 6 floral kingdoms around the world, is the most bio-diverse plant habitat in the world and the only one that is located entirely in one country. No wonder we all want them in our gardens…what’s not to want?

Although most of the Fynbos are endemic to the winter rainfall area of the Western and part of the Eastern Cape, some, particularly the Proteas, Pincushions and Leucospermums, also occur naturally in the summer rainfall areas, like here on the Highveld.

Keep in mind that most fynbos plants are relatively short-lived and will have to be replaced occasionally.

For great tips on position, planting, hardiness, watering, mulching and so much more make sure you take a look at this blog post by here

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