Charter - Engagement Committee

Overall Objectives

This committee is tasked with providing appropriate recommendations to the Board of Directors of HOA on all matters regarding Engagement and serve as the primary resource of the Board in this regard. 
The key objectives will entail social engagement accountability and responsiveness through mutual inclusivity in order to create a sense of community amongst all stakeholders at Arabella Country Estate. 

Committed Benefits

Developing and dissemination of information to build good relationships, foster a positive image and create or preserve a positive reputation and experience. 

Addressing concerns locally, quickly and effectively. 


Duties of this committee include: 

  • Review the existing arrangements for the delivery of information, news and any action required by homeowners. 
  • Consider ways of making this more effective and identify opportunities to apply up to date delivery platforms to achieve this. 
  • Seek to establish the options that will offer a choice appropriate to the IT and social media tools preference and skill levels of all homeowners.
  • Invite proposals for new groups, societies etc. where there are homeowners willing to share the organisation and running of them e.g. walking, birding, wine, gardening etc.

The committee will also deploy assigned actions as per the approved business plan of the HOA. 


Linda Paynter


Charl Louw (HO Director)

Sandra Meusberger (HO)

Heather Hansen (HO)

Jill Wheater (HO)


Ex officio:

Michelle Wood (HOA)

Lawrence Manser ( Est. Manager) 

Board shall call for members to make themselves available to serve on the committee. Subject matter, expertise, availability and a constructive approach shall be amongst the main criteria applied. 


In order to facilitate effective communication on the estate, one of our main tasks is the administration of three WhatsApp groups:


  • Arabella Community Info (> 200 members)
  • Arabella Marketplace (> 100 members)
  • Arabella Activities Group (> 50 Members)

A monthly newsletter, CONNECT, is published, containing information about the estate and the local community, activities, news from the residents and a calendar of events for the next few months.



The Committee organises Events such as:


  • Ladies’ Tea on every third Tuesday, 14h30 at the Hotel
  • Meet & Greet on every second Friday, 17h00 at the Hotel
  • Topic of Interest on every fourth Friday at the Hotel, starting with a wine tasting at 18h00
  • Spring Social
  • White Night Picnic on the Village Square
  • New Year’s Bubbly on the Village Square
  • Volleyball on the Village Square
  • Birding Cruise on the Stanford River

As a result of requests from the residents, Workshops have been organised, including:


  • First Aid
  • Photo workshop
  • Various crafts

We invite you to share your ideas, pictures, articles and suggestions to help make the life of our community even more inspiring.



Let’s connect …



Engagement Committee


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Sandra Meusburger
Jill Wheater
Linda Paynter
Heather Hansen
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