Arabella Country Estate Home Owners help others during Lockdown

Through a fund set up by the Arabella Country Estate Home Owners Association, home owners at Arabella Country Estate were able to help those in need during the #Covid19 #lockdown.
It was unanimously decided to share the financial resources within the local community where most of their staff live.

To date, three local organisations have been supported:

• Lucky Point Foundation in Botrivier
– Lucky Point in Botrivier strive to create better opportunities for children by teaching them to care for their living environment, providing a safe area to play and learn in and, of course, teaching a good work ethic.

• Kleinmond Business Forum
– The Hangklip-Kleinmond Business Forum is an independent, non-political, subscription-based association that is dedicated to promoting a business-friendly environment in the Hangklip-Kleinmond Area. The forum promotes enterprise and skills development by offering training relevant to businesses in the Hangklip-Kleinmond area. Furthermore, they also offer business advisory services and assists in networking through local events.

• Child Welfare Kleinmond
– Child Welfare South Africa (CWSA) Kleinmond is a branch of the nationwide, non-profit umbrella company Child Welfare South Africa. CWSA Kleinmond knows that abuse in any form leaves long-lasting effects on the many children unfortunate enough to be victims of such crimes. Under the CWSA Kleinmond umbrella is Overstrand Child & Youth Care Centre. There, children between the ages of six and 14, who have been sent by court order, are placed in a safe and loving home environment and receive their education from the local school. Also under the CWSA Kleinmond Banner is KidsCan! (an afterschool centre), Bambanani Baby Creche, Pikkewyntjies, Siyabulela and Heideland (four early childhood development centres). Together these five institutions form CWSA Kleinmond, and together they seek to better the lives of children in the Hangklip-Kleinmond district.


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