Things to do at home to keep safe and sane during the Covid-19 Lock down

Here is what you can do to keep safe and sane during the lock down:

  • Become a board game guru – they are loads of fun for the whole family!
  • Puzzles, puzzles, puzzles – they keep your mind and hands busy and give you a great sense of achievement when you complete them!
  • Do a marathon – a series marathon – Thanks to the likes of catch up and Netflix we can watch as many of these as we want!
  • Musicals song sing-alongs – Switch on YouTube and belt out your favourite musicals. Get your endorphins flowing by taking it back to childhood. Belt out your favorite musical hits from Disney movies!
  • Build a fort. This is not just for the little kids, big kids can have fun with this too! Use blankets and chairs and most importantly have fun!
  • Get a workout in. Thanks to YouTube there are 1000’s of home workout videos you can choose from! Exercise also helps release those endorphins that will keep you feeling happy!
  • Write a letter. Be honest when last did you physically write a letter! Even if you just write something for the people you are at home in lockdown with!
  • Watch a sports game. No sports on TV? Queue up some classic old games.
  • Call a friend. If you’re usually a text person, pick up the phone or video call a faraway friend. The extra connection really makes you feel closer.
  • Watch a performance. Instead of turning on Netflix, watch an online opera, ballet, or symphony.
  • Learn a new language. Download an app and hey presto you can learn to speak another language!
  • Have a dance party. Turn on some tunes and get those socks hoppin’. Throw it back with oldies from your glory days or find some hot new stuff to shake your booty.
  • Play a video game. If you don’t have a gaming console, try some of the fun new games that are added to the app store on your phone every day.


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