While the annual 2020 Hermanus Whale Festival might not be taking place due to the Covid19 Pandemic, the whales are not staying away and are already putting on beautiful displays in the bay for all to see.

Each year the Southern Right Whales return from their feeding grounds in Antarctica to give birth to their offspring in our warmer waters.

Here are some facts you might not have known about the Southern Right Whales:
1. It is one of the largest species of whale: the average male is 13 to 15 meters long and the average female is about 16 meters. They weigh around 40 tons.
2. The characteristic calluses on the southern right whales’ skin function like fingerprints, and identify each whale throughout its life. Calluses are elevated areas of skin (more than 5cm thick) on different parts of their heads.
3. They are calm, curious and quite slow to swim (reaching maximum speeds of 9 to 11km per hour). To communicate they jump and splash their fins in the water.
4. They can live to be 100 years old!
5. They mainly feed on krill and small fish.

For more facts about these majestic creatures please visit here


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