Summer Spa offers at Arabella Spa

For the ultimate in relaxation in South Africa – Arabella Spa specializes in modern, yet traditional well-being and what better time to indulge than summer.
Breathe in the soothing scent of candles from the moment you step into the spa. Talented therapists, sumptuous spa treatments and the finest beauty products await within.
Choose from the Summer Glow Special, the T-Off for Him or the Season Treatment for Her – come on you know you want to!

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Terms and Conditions
1. All promotions valid from Monday to Thursday
2. Only valid on the items mentioned in the promotions.
3. Facials or any other treatments cannot be exchanged.
4. No vouchers to be purchased on the promotional items.
5. Only valid for 1 month – no extension to the promotions
6. Gift (subject to availability of stock)


    Fitted Irons - Take the survey
    1st November 2020
    Every single golfer, regardless of skill level, benefits from playing with fitted irons.
    Keeping Magnesium Levels Optimized During Sports Through Transdermal Supplementation
    1st November 2020
    Considering the importance of magnesium for our health, it’s surprising that this mineral, the fourth most abundant in the human body, does not get as much attention as it deserves – a problem highlighted by the fact that around 60% of the adult population and more than 70% of children and teenagers are magnesium deficient.
    Summer Linen Gowns from Linen Drawer
    1st November 2020
    Following the success of the Egyptian cotton gown, Linen Drawer developed the Pure Linen Gown.