Health & Safety

Safety, health & environment policy

The Arabella Country Estate is located in a sensitive natural environment close to the Bot and Kleinmond estuary within the Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve. It is a high quality, professional standard golf Estate developed for country living and tourism.

The Estate’s management team is committed to ensuring that Arabella Country Estate is developed and managed in an environmentally sensitive and sustainable way, taking account of social, economic and biophysical issues.

To this end Arabella Country Estate is committed to:

Complying with all applicable safety, health and environmental requirements, legal and otherwise.

Developing and managing the Estate in a way that minimises environmental impacts and prevents pollution through:

  • Ensuring that the development does not undermine the functioning of essential ecological systems on and around the Estate as well as functioning of the Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve.
  • Ensuring that no management activities, equipment or products used on the Estate cause negative impacts on or are harmful to the environment.
  • Ensuring that monitoring and measuring of environmental performance is undertaken and remedial action implemented where necessary.
  • Ensuring that only recreation activities compatible with the natural environment are provided.

Protecting and, where applicable, improving the natural features, systems and wildlife on the property.

Implementing management practices that enable continuous improvement in the safety, health and environmental management system and economic feasibility of the estate as a whole.

Setting and regular reviewing of objectives and targets in order to achieve those improvements.

Taking preventative measures to ensure safety of personnel at all times and to prevent any negative health impacts that might occur. The management of the Estate shall be fully involved in all aspects of risk prevention through safety meetings. All Contractors must be actively involved in risk prevention.

Promoting safety, health and environmental awareness amongst Estate employees as well as persons working on behalf of the estate i.e. contractors, residents and visitors.

Senior Management and Contractors recognizing relevant achievements by individuals and departments.

Contributing to local communities through providing employment and training opportunities and supporting local businesses wherever possible. All of these being subject to this policy

Maintaining an open and mutually instructive relationship with environmental and community organisations.

Internal audits shall be regularly held to ensure compliance with the Company Standard.

This policy shall be prominently displayed at the Estate offices and at the Main Gate, and publicized whenever appropriate.