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Earth Hour 2018

Earth Hour 2018

Uniting People to Protect the Planet

Around the globe, millions of people, businesses, and landmarks set aside an hour to host events, switch off their lights, and make noise for climate change action. This year Earth Hour is at 8:30pm on 24 March 2018.
Earth Hour belongs to you. Each year, millions of you come together to make Earth Hour happen. Coordinated by WWF and other volunteer organisations, together we’re shining a light on the need for action on climate change.

So what can you do to make a difference – Why not host an event yourself? You can celebrate Earth Hour in any way you want. It’s entirely in your hands. Want to keep it simple? You could host a candle-lit dinner, go stargazing, or simply switch off your lights for an hour. Thinking of going a little bigger? You could put on a gig or concert, screen a movie, or host an Earth Hour party! The possibilities are endless.

Whether you’re celebrating solo or getting hundreds of people involved, share the details.

Ten years ago, on Saturday 31 March 2007, the bustling city of Sydney stunned the world by switching off its lights for the world’s first Earth Hour.  Around  2.2  million  individuals,  businesses  and  organizations turned  off  their  lights  for  60  minutes  to  show  the  government  that climate change was an issue they cared about.
Every year since, Earth Hour has seen record participation. Across seven continents (and the International Space Station), Earth Hour has inspired millions to support and participate in critical climate and conservation projects led by WWF, powering efforts to drive climate policy,  awareness  and  action  among  individuals,  businesses  and
governments. The movement known the world over for its signature lights-out  event  has  even  helped  bring  solar  energy  to  off-the-grid communities in India, Ethiopia and the Philippines.
In 2017, an unprecedented 187 countries and territories participated in  Earth  Hour,  a  fitting  celebration  to  mark  its  tenth  anniversary and journey from symbolic moment to global movement in the past decade.

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