Why live at Arabella Country Estate?

Situated on the shores of the Bot River Lagoon, Arabella Country Estate is a residential estate world-renowned for it’s spectacular Peter Matkovich designed golf course as well as Hotel & Spa, which regularly attracts international stars and celebs. Due to its magnificent setting in the Kogelberg Biosphere, the Estate has recently taken advantage of what it has to offer and has enhanced its lifestyle offerings for residents and visitors to the Estate.

“With so many people seeking to move out of the cities and into the peaceful countryside for a more tranquil lifestyle, we have found that the Estate is no longer only reserved for those in their golden years or holiday home buyers,” explains Estate Manager, Dirk Uys. “Arabella has now become very popular with younger families and we realised we need to ensure that we have adequate offerings to enjoy on our estate.”

Arabella has become one of the first establishments in the area to offer full fibre optic cabling throughout the Estate ensuring high-speed Internet connectivity to all home owners who subscribe to it. “Many people moving onto the Estate are doing so to escape the growing stresses and congestion of city life,” says Uys. “We are located just 110km from Cape Town and with  the increasing trend towards mobile/home offices and home-based businesses, Arabella has become a very nice alternative,  The fibre optic cabling now allows all residents the high speed access to be able to work efficiently from home.”

For the first time in the history of the Estate, residents and visitors now also have access to the Bot River Lagoon to use for non-motorised boating activities and lagoon fishing. The Estate has recently built an additional look-out deck right on the waters’ edge, which will not only make a breathtaking spot to have lunch or sundowners on, but will also allow easy access to the water , storage of canoes, fishing, etc.

The children’s playground equipment at the Village Square has been upgraded and significantly added to, making it a great spot to take the kids to go play and also to sit and enjoy a light picnic. The tennis courts and putt-putt course are also another great excuse to get outside into the fresh air. For walkers, bird, and nature lovers, the Estate has recently extended their walkways around the property allowing residents to enjoy their walks within the safety and tranquility of the estate.

Being an ecologically sustainable Estate, Arabella have already started implementing plans to ensure the landscaping aesthetics of the Estate remain in place for the next 20 years which includes planting more trees to replace those that will die of old age and ensuring that all plants planted on the Estate are indigenous to the area and sustainable .

The Estate in conjunction with the Arabella Hotel have established extensive mountain biking and trail running routes on the land bordering the Estate on two sides, suitable for beginners to intermediates. These routes are exclusively open for use by Arabella residents and visitors only, allowing for exercising in a magnificent setting.

And finally back to the golf course – unlike many other golfing estates situated around South Africa, as a resident at Arabella you are not required to become a member of the wonderful Arabella Golf Course. As home owners you are able to choose if you would like to become a member or rather choose to pay the standard daily rates when you would like to play on this magnificent course!

For more info on Arabella Country Estate please see the following:

Website – www.arabellacountryestate.co.za

Facebook – @ArabellaCountryEstate

Twitter – @ArabellaEstate

Instagram – @arabellacountryestate


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