Bollywood meets Arabian Nights Cooking Demo SERIES with Hein van Tonder and Eunice Rademeyer

The Bollywood meets Arabian Nights Cooking Demo SERIES, a two-day exotic food Extravaganza comprising the 15th and 16th June – is taking place during the last weekend of Hermanus FynArts Festival, with well-known food gurus Hein van Tonder and Eunice Rademeyer!

On Friday 15 June – Come and cook with Eunice Rademeyer and enjoy an Arabian Nights Arabesque Cooking Demo.

About Eunicé:
“What I have learnt about the kitchen has been gained by spending time in Beirut, watching my mother-in-law at work, – a Lebanese kitchen goddess – and by using my most reliable frame of reference my own sense of taste! I cook what I love to eat and believe that food, needs to be made with simple, natural ingredients. I don’t like a fuss and I certainly won’t be giving you anything fat-free! To my mind, Lebanese food embodies my values as a self-taught cook – wholesome, delicious and unpretentious!”

Ways with yogurt:
Roasted Aubergine with yogurt and pine nuts
Stuffed Zucchini cooked in yogurt
Light Yoghurt & lemon delight

The on Saturday 16 June, come and meet Hein van Tonder in person and enjoy the morning with us.

“As a South African food photographer, stylist and writer based in Cape Town, I’m at my happiest in the kitchen, behind the camera or better still, both.” (Hein van Tonder)

Hein is well-known for his exciting Vegetarian Food.

Polenta Crumbed Haloumi Chips
Tandoori Roasted Carrots
Coconut Broccoli Soup
Apple Phyllo Tart

When: Friday 15 June and Saturday 16 June
Time: 10am
Where: Goozi Kitchenshop Hermanus – 11 Mitchell Street, 7200 Hermanus, Western Cape
Ticket: R100 per person

See you there!


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